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A home amongst the gumtrees...

Situated in direct proximity to a lush nature reserve, one could be mistaken for thinking this striking dual occupancy dwelling was located in a rural setting. Countershade was an exercise in downsizing without compromising quality or connection to outdoor space.

The home is located on Boon Wurrung and Woi Wurrung country, with the view of the native flaura being a key driver in the project’s inception. The project aims to camouflage through associative color blocking and reflectivity is something that has been learned in the wild allowing for co-existence and is the driving concept behind “Countershade”.

A calming ambience kindles within, cloaking inhabitants with a warm and homely sensation that is nurtured through the highly considered palette. Manuka toned joinery adds a softness to the robust materials of concrete and stone, mimicking the shadows that fall beneath the tree canopy.

Timber Veneer wraps the kitchen and dining joinery, mirroring the outlook of the reserve through the expanse of glazing to the living room. Veneer seamlessly blending from joinery to wall paneling, allowing a powder room to be concealed, creating a subtle transition between shared and private space.

Rejecting the standard of an even spread of light, the lighting plan aims to create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The pendant above the dining table is a key feature of this space, representing the landscape and tree’s branching into the home and spreading a celebration of the land throughout.

Countershade shares with the public domain, sited on the corner of intersecting streets, those passing by have time to appreciate the architecture, often seen stopping to admire how it sits within the context of the reserve. Countershade features zinc cladding, expansive glazing, and a series of external venetians that all create a skin, duplicating its context and blends into its surroundings. The venetian louvers create an active and dynamic tectonic, with the operability of the façade continually transforming the experience for the owners.

The louvres have a polarity which gives the home an ability to adapt from a refuge to a theatre, enabling the occupants to immerse themselves in the evolving breath of the landscape. The louvres play a practical role in thermal regulation and protecting the home from the harsh elements of the Australian landscape whilst still allowing a cinematic view for those within.

The dappled light that casts through the venetians, the subtle rustle of the trees, and the breeze flowing through the house. Countershade suggests biophilic connections that are a true celebration of the landscape. Whilst Countershade is a dual occupancy development, it was foremost a process of understanding and encompassing the principles that underpin a home - not just a piece of architecture.




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Damien Kook


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