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Denfair Interior Design News

Denfair has been and gone and we thought it would be good to have a review of some of the latest design trends, influences, and new ideas. Denfair is a curated design exhibition in Melbourne. It focuses on upcoming and existing Australian designers as well as international design that is at the forefront on the world stage. Through visiting the exhibition and talking to many of the designers, the trends in modern and luxury design are clear.

It was apparent on the day that minimal design is making a huge comeback as refined and considered materials where combined with sleek, clean lined furniture joinery. This year’s pantone colours of yellow and green where also very evident in a lot of the current design trends. A big highlight for us was the release of Porcelain Bear’s Acrobat range and King Living’s newest range of sofas.

Interior showroom design seen at Denfair

Whilst Finnis focuses on the built architecture, the importance of interiors cannot be undervalued. We work with leading interior designer for both single residential and apartment design projects and can also cater to the interior design needs in house. Exhibitions such as Denfair play an important role in keeping us informed and at the cutting edge of interior and architectural design.

Minimalist styling and a focus on texture and quality of materials is key.

Staying up to date with the latest interior trends is high on our agenda as ensuring our designs are appropriately furnished is an integral part of our overall process. For more information on the services offered by Finnis or to ask us more about interior or architectural design, feel free to contact us.


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