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Looking back – the YWCA Richmond House refurbishment

With rapidly rising housing prices and population growth in Melbourne and Sydney making the market more difficult to crack, there is a call for better social housing and apartment blocks in our cities. However, new builds aren’t always the only option as refurbishing and remodeling older apartment blocks and units is a perfect way to sustainably propel properties into modernity.

YWCA Richmond house is a gender specific housing scheme located in Richmond, Melbourne. Funding for the redevelopment was granted by the social housing sector in 2010 which saw the refurbishment and design by Finnis completed in 2011. The Richmond house has been home to countless woman and deals with housing and provisional shelter to ensure that marginalised and homeless are given an opportunity to participate both socially and economically in society.

A focus on future proofing the building both aesthetically and functionally was at the height of concern. Transforming once underutilised bleak spaces into fully functioning areas for community programs.

The YWCA works tirelessly in over 125 different countries to ensure the health and welfare of woman and has been operational since 1885. Learn more about the YWCA Victoria at their website.

Have a look at the full gallery of the YWCA Richmond house over at our website.


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