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“Sense of identity and authenticity”

PH202 extends to reference the architectural intent of Park Vue II.


The external palette reads as a single gesture, sculpted out of a block of travertine with framed apertures carved to form a clear axial vista across the Esplanade and bay beyond.

An elevated set of materials have been used to differentiate this penthouse from its counterparts. A highly considered palette of stone and desaturated timbers results in a timeless luxury that is softened with the reference of its coastal setting.

It was clear from project inception that PH202 was to be completely reimagined from the initial project standard. This resulted in a full redesign of the spatial planning to ensure a consistency between the interplay of built form and materiality informing a sense of identity and authenticity.

A sense of arrival is integrated through releasing material and compression from the central corridor into the open plan living space. Soft, curved geometries derived from site inspired biomorphic elements synthesises with indirect ambient lighting to soften the expanse of natural stone. This lengthens along the central spine of the corridor, framing the surroundings and tree on axis beyond.

This idea of bridging architecture with medicinal exchange flows through our practice, the lighting design was heavily considered with a mix of task / ambient cove lighting. This paired with home automation ensures lighting to soften throughout the day, helping to align our client’s circadian rhythm further aiding their sleep cycle.

The realised product is a home that will age and patina gracefully as it further nestles itself within its bustling oasis of the Mornington Peninsula.

Project credits

Builder: Figurehead / Flux Construction

Landscape Design: John Patrick Landscape

Furniture & Styling : Finnis

Captured: Damien Kook

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