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Little Park Street, South Yarra

Nestled in a small street in South Yarra, this heritage overlay house has been transformed into two equally individual and unique properties. Subdividing a tight plot of land and ensuring adequate space and measured access was crucial all the while maintaining the original charm of the brick facade.

The design incorporates Bluestone tiles on both the interior and exterior of the house, a contemporary adaption of a material that was historically utilised in Victorian-era buildings. Being a natural and aged material immediately integrated the new build into its context, giving the feeling of a home that has been there for years and will be for many to come.

Dealing with a heritage property it was important not to devalue the history of the building but rather compliment and celebrate the classic terraced style. In this case, the contrasting modern extension is fitting to distinguish itself from the buildings original style but also to propel the building into a more contemporary environment whilst staying in keeping with the broader context of the suburb. The street front property is a spacious double storey with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (master bedroom with en suite) with a  home office and open plan living and kitchen area.

The rear property takes on a complete modern style combining the rich use of exposed timber cladding and contrasting with steel and grey finished renders. The design is a similar 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom double storey with a large study and a 2 car garage. Smooth bi-fold doors which open onto the tiled courtyard from the living room transforms into an indoor/ outdoor entertainment area.

Whose country is this project on?
Boon Wurrung & Woi Wurrung

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