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Striving to deliver high quality communities with diversity and character, we are here to ensure that the vision for each new community is maintained, while guiding and reassuring land purchasers in how best to align with progressive design solutions that strive for excellent outcomes in sustainability and liveability.


Since our founding in 1998, we've been associated with the growth of numerous communities throughout Australia and New Zealand. As the residential market continues to evolve, we recognise the importance of prioritising sustainability, social interaction, and accommodation requirements in meeting the ever-growing needs of our communities. 

Leveraging upon extensive knowledge and experience, we are committed to ensuring rewarding outcomes of community initiatives by enforcing covenants and design guidelines with utmost effectiveness. Our development package is tailored to meet individual needs and requirements of each community's objectives.


Our team works closely with developers to create comprehensive design guidelines that align with the vision and objectives of the community. These guidelines cover various aspects such as architectural styles, landscaping requirements, construction
materials, and other design elements. By establishing clear guidelines, we ensure consistent and high-quality development throughout the community.

We specialise in assessing and approving dwelling plans to ensure they comply with the Design Guidelines and meet all applicable regulations and requirements. Our team carefully evaluates each dwelling design to ensure it aligns with the vision of the community while incorporating sustainable and
practical features.

In addition to dwelling plans, we also assess and approve ancillary items such as sheds, pergolas, verandas, landscaping, and other external features. This ensures that all additions and modifications to the properties within the community maintain the desired aesthetic and functional standards.

Our experienced professionals can conduct regular site inspections to ensure compliance with design guidelines and other developer requirements. These inspections help maintain the integrity of the community and address any potential issues promptly.


We can provide regular detailed reports to developers, offering insights into project progress (builders), composition of dwelling types. These reports assist developers in tracking market and product trends to make informed decisions for future phases and communities.

In the event of non-compliance or breaches of
design guidelines, we provide effective breach
communication. Our team diligently investigates and takes appropriate actions to address the situation, upholding the community’s standards and protecting the purchaser’s investment.

We offer workshops as a valuable service to engage key stakeholders involved in the approval process. These workshops assist in streamlining the approval process by providing a clear understanding of the design guidelines specific to the estate. They also serve as a marketing tool to showcase the advantages
and value of adhering to the guidelines. Our
experienced facilitators guide the workshops, fostering collaboration and incorporating stakeholder input to create a cohesive and successful development.


To assist builders and purchasers with presubmission queries, we offer a preliminary advice service that helps navigate the submission process effectively, ensuring that their development gets off to a successful start. Our team of experts can provide quick and efficient phone consultations, troubleshooting any issues or concerns, and offering advice to ensure a smooth and hassle-free submission
process. With a 15-minute time limit per lot, our preliminary advice service is a cost-effective solution for simple queries. For more complex issues requiring extended support, a pre-submission fee may be charged direct to the applicant to ensure that they receive the highest level of support and guidance.

We can provide valuable advice to developers, taking into account factors such as site suitability, market demand, environmental considerations, infrastructure and authority requirements. This assists stakeholders
to make informed decisions and develop a robust foundation for their projects.

Our team can assist in creating comprehensive
masterplans alongside the consultant team, that outline lot orientation, yield expectations, and other crucial aspects of the development. These masterplans serve as a roadmap to guide the community’s growth and ensure cohesive and wellplanned outcomes.


We specialise in designing and documenting
estate amenities and community facilities, such
as recreational spaces, community centres, and
infrastructure requirements. Our goal is to create welcoming, sustainable and functional spaces that enhance the overall quality of community for all residents.

We offer expertise in the design and documentation of medium-density accommodation options to meet the evolving needs of communities. Our designs focus on achieving a balance between functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, creating attractive and livable spaces for residents.

Offering comprehensive design and documentation services for affordable and architecturally distinctive spec homes, tailored for volume builders within Greenfield estates. Our meticulous planning from concept to construction documents ensures visually
appealing designs that stand out in the market.
Leveraging the latest technology and industry
standards, we create innovative and cost-effective solutions, catering to the preferences and needs of potential buyers.