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At Finnis, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional design outcomes. Our goal is to guide you through every stage of the design and building process, resulting in a final product that surpasses expectations and showcases innovative architecture, all while managing budget and time constraints.


Upon establishing our continued involvement in your project, our team will prepare a comprehensive service and fee proposal tailored to your specific needs. This proposal will include a detailed summary of the design brief, as well as the various stages of our involvement that you may require. To ensure transparency and clarity, the proposal breaks down the project into distinct design and construction stages, each accompanied by associated fees. The project phases include Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Town Planning, Interior Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Contractor Selection and Construction Stage Services. In addition, we work closely with estimators and quantity surveyors to ensure the projects costing is reviewed at key milestones.


Once you have accepted the fees and services proposal, work commences on the design stages of your project.





In this phase, our team commences by conducting a thorough assessment of the site conditions, taking into account the surrounding environment to determine the optimal placement and design of the building that complements the site’s assets while
working within any constraints.

We prepare a series of sketches for you and discuss the various options and how they work with your site and lifestyle. With your approval of a concept design, we proceed to the design development stage.

Detail Design is the rationalisation of the design proposal. The Architecture and Interior Design team refine the design by way of external and internal materials, preliminary interior connections, and town planning requirements. 

The approvals process can differ across projects. We will take you through the processes available for your project at the beginning of this stage. 

We take great care in preparing all the necessary documentation for your project, including any development application that needs to be submitted to the relevant authorities. This may include a variety of documents such as plans, diagrams, analyses, studies, and reports. Our team can also attend a pre-submission meeting when required and assist in the lodgment of all applications with the relevant authorities on your behalf.


Interior Design services relate to the internal layout. This will include an investigation of materiality, joinery design and internal detailing. 

While a separate phase in our process, the Interior Design team will collaborate with the architects from project inception to curate the spatial planning and ensure a holistic design approach.

During this phase Interior Designers will develop the construction documentation package. This will include a full suite of drawings, lighting plans and schedules to ensure the project can be accurately tendered and constructed. 

Materiality, joinery design and internal detailing will also be refined in this process. 

This phase will require a series of external consultants to aid in the appropriate selection of finishes, fixtures and fittings.

An optional service as part of the Interior design phases, our Interiors team can curate and schedule furniture packages to complete the project.

Typically, on an hourly rates basis, we then pass on our industry trade discounts where possible.



During the Design Development phase, 
we take the approved concept design sketches and transform them into a comprehensive set of detailed drawings and documents. These drawings will provide precise planning and focus on the form of the building, including the selection of the most appropriate materials for the project.

To assist in visualizing the building from all angles, we provide a series of plans, elevation and 3D perspective views.

These drawings may also be provided to sub-consultants for an initial review. An updated estimate of the cost of works will also be completed.

During this phase the Architects will develop the construction documentation package. This will include a full suite of drawings and schedules to ensure the project can be accurately tendered and constructed. 

This phase will require a series of external consultants to acquire a building permit, such as; Building Surveyor, Structural Engineers etc.


If appropriate to the project, our Architects will liase with our Interior Designers to create a cohesive design.


Finnis will assist with any further information as requested by Council in order for the application to be advertised and approved. This may include arranging, attending and recording meetings with the client, council and/or objectors, liaison with the relevant authorities and consultants throughout the advertising process, up until council decision and or their failure to determine the application. 

Throughout the process, we will also respond to requests for information and make document revisions when necessary to ensure a fully endorsed set of Town Planning documents.

Selecting the appropriate builder is a crucial aspect of any project. While we have established partnerships with several outstanding builders, we are also open to forming new relationships. 

In the event that you have a specific builder in mind, we will arrange a meeting to evaluate their work process and gather insight from prior clients or architects with whom they have collaborated.

Once a builder is appointed the building permit can be finalised with all insurances and registration.

Once the builder has been selected, we will request your approval to draft the contract documents. We will coordinate a time for both you and the builder to sign and finalize the contract before any construction work begins.


Our preferred method is to use an approved contract by the Australian Institute of Architects and Master Builders of Australia, which grants the architect the ability to manage the project on your behalf. The contract includes various provisions to ensure the owner’s security throughout the process. During construction we manage the relationship with the builder and administer the contract from start to finish.

*These services are optional.