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Striving for high quality community developments with diversity and character, we are here to ensure that the vision for each new community is maintained, while guiding and reassuring land purchasers in how best to align with progressive design solutions that strive for excellent outcomes in sustainability and liveability.

Established in 1998, we have since been responsible for managing the growth of a vast array of estate and community developments in Australia and New Zealand. The residential market has seen the need to develop a focus on issues such as sustainability, social interaction and accommodation requirements in order to meet the ever-growing needs of our evolving communities. 

Our knowledge and experience will help ensure that the initiatives for the estate are satisfied through effective enforcement of the covenants and design guidelines and by providing a complete development package tailored to the developers needs and requirements. 

Design Guidelines are an integral part of the process, put in place to set out the requirements of the project developer to maintain the quality and amenity of the estate. 



- Creation of Design Guidelines 

- Assessment and approval of house plans 

- Advice on Landscaping and fencing 

- Communication with Developers, Builders, and individual Homeowners 

- Site Inspections 

- Developer Reports 

- Review (and input where required) of relevant documents. Including, but not limited to MCP, Plan of Subdivision, Building Envelopes, Building Regulations, Small Lot Housing Code. 


Finnis Architects is an award winning Melbourne architecture firm recognised as a true leader in the field of residential, multi-residential, and community architecture.


As well as being regularly profiled in leading architectural journals, Finnis Architects also has received many prestigious design awards. In 2011 Finnis Architects received an A+ rating, the highest honour given to any firm, from the Australian Institute of Architects.


Combining over 50 years experience working in the architecture and building industry, the quality of work that Finnis Architects creates stems from an integrated approach embracing architecture and interior design, landscaping, site works and detail design. In a broader context, the firms’ success originates from its proven ability to manage and build relationships with client/consultant and related authorities necessary to bring each design to reality.


Finnis is also regularly featured in both local and international design publications.

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